Thursday, February 2, 2012

UFO Contact with Military Pilots

Im a diehard UFO believer though Im more interested in Contact/Abductions.
Many people dismiss UFO reports but every once and a while one turns up that is backed up with quality evidence and the witnesses just too qualified to ignore.
Like this old incident:

Director of Air Force’s Project Blue Book Edward Ruppelt writes, “On July 24, 1952, two Air Force Colonels flying a B-25 took off from San Francisco to Colorado Springs without a cloud in the sky. The Colonels had crossed the Sierra Nevada flying east at 11,000 feet on the Green 3 aerial highway to Salt Lake City. At 3:40 PM, they were over the Carson Sink Area of Nevada, when one the colonels noticed three objects ahead of them and a little to the right.

The three objects looked like three F-86s. In a matter of seconds the three craft were close enough to the B -25 to be clearly seen. They were not F-86s. They were bright silver, delta wing aircraft with no tails and no pilot canopies. The only thing that broke the sharply defined, clean upper surface of the triangle wing was a definite ridge that ran from the nose to the tail.
In another second the three deltas made a slight left blank and shot by the B-25 at terrific speed. The colonels estimate the speed at three times the speed of the F-86s. (2000 mph) They got a good look at the three deltas as the unusual craft passed within 400 to 800 yards of the B-25. When they landed at Colorado Springs the colonels called the intelligence people at Air Defense Command Headquarters to make a UFO report. Air Defense Command relayed the report to Project Blue Book and an investigation was started at once.

Report written by Captain Edward Ruppelt in his book. “Unidentified Flying Objects” Page 19, who also states, “More than 20% of UFO sightings are unknowns.”

Taken from The Filer Files


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