Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nazis ? ALiens ? Something strange down in Antarctica

A Russian Documentary (english subtitles) on possibly the most bizarre claim of WW2
Is there a Nazi Base in Antarctica ?
If not then what happened to Operation Highjump ?
What made this task force of over 40 Ships turn around and come home ?

they included;
the flagship "Mount Olympus",
the aircraft carrier "Philipine Sea",
the seaplane tender "Pine Sea",
the submarine "Senate",
the destroyer "Bronson",
the ice breaker "Northwind",
 and other tanker and supply ships.
An armed contingent of 1400 sailors, and three dog sled teams were also on
One of the core themes of the film is the alleged existence of 'Base 211', the legendary underground Nazi base in the Antarctica. Drawing upon the pre-war Nazi interest in Antarctica and the creation of 'New Swabia'; the testimony of German U-Boat submarine commanders and the alleged disappearance of thousands of Nazi scientists and engineers at the end of the war, personnel that cannot be accounted for by the Vatican and Odessa 'rat lines' or American 'Operation Paperclip' activities. In addition, the film analyses the actual geo-physical possibilities of an underground base in Antarctica.

What was the Nazi obsession with Antarctica ?
Was it related to the German Secret Societies like The Thules or The Vrils ?

Just watch the first 10 mins if you dont have time.
Something strange happened down there.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Freemasons and The Moon as filmed by Kubrick

Astronauts, Freemasons, Kubrick, The Moon
What could these things have in common ?

This is flag that Brother Mason Buzz Aldrin unfurled on the Moon on July 21, 1969, when he stated "our flags" were being planted on the lunar surface. Buzz Aldrin is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason, a Masonic Knight Templar, and a Shriner. Buzz flew the Supreme Council's flag on the moon. That flag is now on display in the Masonic Museum of the Supreme Council Scottish Rite Temple in Washington, D.C.

Which Astronauts Are Masons?
Edwin E. Aldrin Montclair #144, Montclair, NJ
Leroy Gordon Cooper Carbondale #82 Carbondale, CO
Don F. Eisele L.B. Turner #732 Columbus, OH
Virgil I. Grissom (Deceased) Mitchell #228, Mitchell, IN
Wally M. Schirra Canaveral #339 Cocoa Beach, FL
Thomas P. Stafford Western Star #138 Weatherford, OK
Edgar D. Michell* Artesia #28 Artesia, NM
Paul J. Weitz Lawrence #708 Erie, PA James B. Irwin Tajon Lodge No. 104 Colorado Springs, Co

Astronauts Who Have Fathers Who Are Or Were Masons
Alan Shepard
Vance Brand*
John Glenn*
Anthony England
William Pogue
Neil Armstrong
Edgar Mitchell
* Former DeMolay

Source: "Masonic Astronauts," Dunn's Rock Masonic Lodge #267 A.F. & A. M., Brevard, North Carolina.

Was Kubrick a Mason ?
Did Kubrick leave clues in his movies suggesting he had created the Moon Landing footage ?
Could Masons keep a secret as big as the Moon Landing being Hoaxed ?

Under the Masonic Moon...
Jay Weidners alluring site on Kubrick Vs The Moon Landing footage.
Of all the things Ive seen on the Internet this site is the strangest.
Was the Moon Landing footage faked ?
or even more unbelievably was the entire Moon Mission a Cold War propaganda Hoax ?



Sunday, August 19, 2012

What were the Ghost Rockets ?

A new documentary is going in search of one of these Ghost Rockets that may have crashed into a Lake in northern Sweden. Some thought it might be testing of Rocket Technologies captured by the Soviets from the Nazis but these rockets were deemed to be far more advanced than any technology at the time, they in fact resembled todays Cruise Missiles.
Apparently the US Government intervened in some investigations having them stopped.
But these weren't US Missiles, why would a UFO/ALiens be testing missiles ?
Did the Nazis get help for their missile program from a secret group ?

Could this be related to the object uncovered under the Baltic Sea ?
an area close to where the rockets were observed.

Ghost rockets (Swedish: Spökraketer, also called Scandinavian ghost rockets) were rocket- or missile-shaped unidentified flying objects sighted in 1946, mostly in Sweden and nearby countries.

The first reports of ghost rockets were made on February 26, 1946, by Finnish observers.[1] About 2,000 sightings were logged between May and December 1946, with peaks on 9 and 11 August 1946. Two hundred sightings were verified with radar returns, and authorities recovered physical fragments which were attributed to ghost rockets.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What if Global Warming was a plan to sell more Gas ?

I despise the Global Warming scam and have a huge problem with the quality of the Science that supports it but I thought I would take a look at it from another angle. After Banking, the Energy markets are the most powerful players in the World. They shape Countries indeed the World. Suppose you had a product that was competing with Coal for Energy, say Gas, what could you do to make Gas more attractive ?

The EPA is trying to implement the carbon dream in America because it would never get through Congress. But if Romney beats Obama the Republicans will dismantle the current form of The EPA and remove its power to enforce Carbon pricing.
Whats been the big winner from The EPAs crusade ?
is it Solar ?
maybe Wind ?
or Nuclear ? 
Its been Gas.
have a read of this article:
nothing suspicious ?
now read this article:
This is a 2 page article but the 2nd page is very interesting
skip to half way down the page.
Whereas in 2003 coal accounted for nearly 51% of all U.S. electricity, its market share had fallen to 43% during the first nine months of 2011. In contrast, natural gas’s share jumped from under 17% in 2003 to nearly 25% of U.S. power.  With enthusiastic help from EPA, power sector coal consumption is expected to fall 2% this year, and 4% next year. Experts predict that 10%to 20% of coal-fired generating capacity will be retired by 2016.
Who came up with Carbon Taxes ?
what did ENRON have huge interests in ?
Isnt the Fossil Fuel Industry supposed to be the enemy  in the Global Warming crusade ?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Forbidden History of Unpopular People - Free Speech

Freedom of Speech is is very important in keeping Government as our Servant rather than our Master. Anytime Government attacks one of these 'Keys to Freedom' it is easy to spot but for me it looks something like this: first it will claim to have an intellectually superior position, secondly it will declare the majority agrees with it, and thirdly it will declare opposition to be Illegal, requiring punishment, expulsion etc
The Finklestein report has recommended the establishment of a new body to replace the Australian Press Council. The News Media Council would be a statutory body, government funded, membership of which would be compulsory for every broadcaster, newspaper and online publisher or even the smallest newsletter. The new council would have the power to require a news media outlet to publish an apology, correction or retraction or give a right of reply. It would also be able to dictate the manner and placing of the apology.

Set up by The Government

Funded by The Government

Members appointed by The Government

Sounds like Government taking the 'Keys to Freedom'
In episode #1 of the ‘Forbidden History’ trilogy Topher takes a stand on freedom of speech, using some of history’s most unpopular people to show that free speech is worth it, no matter what the price. 'The Forbidden History of Unpopular People' briefly surveys the history of these 'unpopular people' and shows us why we need EVERYONE to be free to speak their mind. We need ALL people to be able to say what THEY believe to be true, even if NO ONE ELSE agrees with them. EVERYONE should be free to disagree with each other, argue over the evidence, declare each other to be wrong and argue in favor of their point of view to their hearts content!
Topher Field looks at some unpopular people that were silenced:


Friday, June 15, 2012

In search of... People working at The UN

The UN was supposed to solve a host of World problems like Hunger, Wars, The Environment etc... Whats going on at The UN these days ? One man thought he'd investigate and rather than "working hard" It was often Hardly Working. ________________________________________________________________________________ F@CEM@N

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Easter Island statues bigger than you think

It seems those heads are attached to bodies. Why bury the statues ? Why not just build heads ? They dont seem to resemble Human faces.
New photographs reveal what lies beneath the surface of Easter Island, one of the most remote places in the world -- the carved bodies of the island's 887 famous guardians. Most people think of the 63-square-mile Pacific island’s silent stone sentinels as simple heads. But the heads all have bodies -- and a backstory that's only now being pieced together, explained Jo Anne Van Tilburg, director of the Easter Island Statue Project. “Those statues which are the most photographed are standing in the quarry. They’re buried up to mid-torso level. So it’s understandable that the general public didn’t have a clue that those statues had bodies,” she told Read more: