Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Global Warming fails to Warm

The disgraceful sham, scam, that is Global Warming just wont die.
Many people have a very poor awareness of the failed Science behind Global Warming.
They think the Consensus is all the proof they need to be convinced but what if you saw just how weak the evidence was yourself ?

Perhaps this will change your mind, Dr David Evans takes a quick look at the Theory of Man Made Global Warming caused by the Co2 Emissions of Man. Dr David Evans is a relative newcomer to Scepticism of Global Warming having been part of the old Australian GreenHouse Office (1995-2005 and part time up to 2010) which is now called  The Department of Climate Change.


The climate models get them all wrong. The missing hotspot and outgoing radiation data both, independently, prove that the amplification in the climate models is not present. Without the amplification, the climate model temperature predictions would be cut by at least two thirds, which would explain why they overestimated the recent air and ocean temperature increases. Therefore:
  1. The climate models are fundamentally flawed. Their assumed threefold amplification by feedbacks does not in fact exist.
  2. The climate models overestimate temperature rises due to CO2 by at least a factor of three.
The skeptical view is compatible with the data.

The chart belows shows just how far the claims of Global Warming have drifted from reality.

Something else that is still missing in the evidence for A. Global Warming is The Hot Spot.

The climate models predict a particular pattern of atmospheric warming during periods of global warming; the most prominent change they predict is a warming in the tropics about 10 km up, the “hotspot”.
The hotspot is the sign of the amplification in their theory (see Figure 1). The theory says the hotspot is caused by extra evaporation, and by extra water vapor pushing the warmer wetter lower troposphere up into volume previously occupied by cool dry air. The presence of a hotspot would indicate amplification is occurring, and vice versa.

See for yourself, it is just not there :

Either Co2 is causing zero Warming or the Warming is so small it cant be detected.
The IPCC doesnt want you to know that and neither does anyone else making money from this Scam.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Great Pyramid in Bosnia

Research in Bosnia, just outside Sarajevo has uncovered Pyramids which date back 12 000 years, thats older than The Great  Pyramid of Giza and older still than The Sphinx in Egypt. This article descends in to some pretty wild claims but when you see this picture its obvious that this is a Pyramid:

These are the first pyramids discovered in Europe
  1. The site includes the largest pyramid structure in the world—The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with its height of over 220 meters is much higher than the Great Pyramid of Egypt (147 meters).
  2. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has, according to the Bosnian Institute for Geodesy, the most precise orientation towards cosmic north with the error of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds.
  3. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is completely covered by rectangular concrete blocks. The properties of the concrete, including extreme hardness (up to 133 MPs) and low water absorption (around 1%), are, according to the scientific institutions in Bosnia, Italy and France, far superior to modern concrete materials.
  4. The pyramids are covered by soil which is, according to the State Institute for Agro-pedology, approx. 12,000 years old. Radiocarbon dating from the paved terrace on Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, performed by Institute of Physics of Silesian Institute of Technology from Gliwice (Poland) confirmed that terrace was built 10.350 years ago (+/- 50 years). These finding confirm that the Bosnian pyramids are also the oldest known pyramids on the planet.
  5. Beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids there is an extensive underground tunnel and chamber network which runs for a total of more than ten miles.
  6. Ceramic sculptures have been discovered in the underground labyrinth with a mass of up to 20,000 pounds which makes them the largest found so far from the ancient world.

Bosnian Pyramid

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So you think Nuclear Power is safe ?

America is experiencing an explosion in Thyroid Cancers.
Thyroid Cancers are 3 times more common in Women than Men but the rise is puzzling, or is it ?
Pennsylvania, with its nine nuclear reactors, has the highest incidence of Thyroid Cancer which does suggest its linked to Nuclear Power Stations.

Most thyroid cancers don’t develop for 10-30 years after radiation exposure which could mean a link to Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island nuclear accident in 1979.

Thyroid cancer cases have more than doubled since 1997 in the United States, while deadly industrial practices that contaminate groundwater with radiation and other carcinogens are also rising. New information released by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimates that 56,460 people will develop thyroid cancer in 2012 and 1,780 will die from it.

That’s up from 16,000 thyroid cancer cases in 1997 – a whopping 253% increase in fifteen years, while the US population went up only 18%.
From 1980 to 1996, thyroid cancer increased nearly 300%, while the population increased by (again) 18%

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Broken Window Fallacy

When the Government spends, Jobs are created.
Where does the Government get this money from ? Your Taxes ?
If you paid less Tax what would you do with that extra money ?
Spend it locally, creating Jobs ?

John Stossel looks at Government spending to create Jobs..
The Broken Window Fallacy:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Radiation Cloud off The Sunshine Coast

Seems there was a little bit more heat than usual over the weekend off Caloundra just North of Brisbane. Not at all lethal but unusual.

A RADIOACTIVE cloud lingering off the Sunshine Coast on Sunday was not dangerous, according to the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.
Caloundra IT manager Peter Daley picked up the cloud's radioactivity on his Geiger counter, a device that measures ionizing radiation in the atmosphere.

The reading was taken at 6.30pm and measured 0.80 microsieverts, which is eight times over the average level of radiation in the atmosphere.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heres something you dont see every day.
Four Liberterians discussing a Society without The Welfare State.

John Stossel draws from a panel of experts to discuss a libertarian view of the welfare state. Do government programs lift people out of poverty or do they perpetuate cycles of dependency?

...Thanks to Dazedandconfused on the QGL Forum

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Global (Non) Warming

1998 is still the warmest year in at least the last 70 years.
It is no warmer today than it was in 1998.
Global Warming has stopped but Co2 Emissions are up 30%+

No wonder Americans are losing interest in Global Warming.
It would seem Global Warming is losing interest in America.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Once were Giants ?

This is one of the strangest things Ive ever seen.
It appears to be a footprint of a Man, a very large Man.
Maybe hundreds of millions of years old maybe older.

Geologists have marvelled at this giant foot print in rough granite, about 4 feet long. It is located in South Africa, near the town of Mpaluzi, close to the Swaziland border. It is estimated to be between 200 million and 3 Billion years old because of our current understanding of the formation of granites in Earth's history.

Michael Tellinger (in the video) is a follower of Zecharia_Sitchin who claims Homo Sapiens were genetically combined  with an Alien Race, The Anunnaki, to mine Gold and that these Hybrids later became the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, (Iraq) around 4000 years ago. The Anunnaki came from a Planet called Nibiru  that has an elongated orbit that brings it close to Earth every 3750 years.
...or so the story goes.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dont mention The (next) War

The Newsmedia plays a very big part in the consciousness of a Nation.
Everyone laughed at how North Koreans were forced to cry for the Media at Dear Leaders death, The Government demanded it, nothing like that happens in The West.

Here is a shameful demonstration of how The Media no longer serves as a watcher of Government, it has become a servant of Government. Skip along 2mins to find out what happens when your view does not parrot the Government line:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Searching for Aliens on the Moon

Eminent Physicist Paul Davies has suggested new high resolution pictures of The Moon should be scanned for any traces of Alien visitation. The Moons static state means that any disturbances left thousands of years ago or longer may still be noticible. He suggests something like SETI@home could utillise thousands of people from all over the World looking for signs of disturbances on the surface.


Reminds me of a Conspiracy story of the secret Black mission to The Moon Apollo 20 to investigate a Spaceship


Not a very hospitable place to land though.
Surely a Ship would rather travel to that beautiful Blue Planet next door.

Welcome to 2012 !