Saturday, July 14, 2012

What if Global Warming was a plan to sell more Gas ?

I despise the Global Warming scam and have a huge problem with the quality of the Science that supports it but I thought I would take a look at it from another angle. After Banking, the Energy markets are the most powerful players in the World. They shape Countries indeed the World. Suppose you had a product that was competing with Coal for Energy, say Gas, what could you do to make Gas more attractive ?

The EPA is trying to implement the carbon dream in America because it would never get through Congress. But if Romney beats Obama the Republicans will dismantle the current form of The EPA and remove its power to enforce Carbon pricing.
Whats been the big winner from The EPAs crusade ?
is it Solar ?
maybe Wind ?
or Nuclear ? 
Its been Gas.
have a read of this article:
nothing suspicious ?
now read this article:
This is a 2 page article but the 2nd page is very interesting
skip to half way down the page.
Whereas in 2003 coal accounted for nearly 51% of all U.S. electricity, its market share had fallen to 43% during the first nine months of 2011. In contrast, natural gas’s share jumped from under 17% in 2003 to nearly 25% of U.S. power.  With enthusiastic help from EPA, power sector coal consumption is expected to fall 2% this year, and 4% next year. Experts predict that 10%to 20% of coal-fired generating capacity will be retired by 2016.
Who came up with Carbon Taxes ?
what did ENRON have huge interests in ?
Isnt the Fossil Fuel Industry supposed to be the enemy  in the Global Warming crusade ?