Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Germanys leading Green Activist changes his mind on Global Warming

Another kick in the guts for Global Warming, a few days ago one of Germanys leading Newspapers began serialising chapters from a new a book by one of Germanys most prominent Global Warming believers who has uncovered a disgraceful amount of Scientific fraud in research carried out supporting Renewable Energy and the Science of Global Warming.

The newspaper headline reads: “THE CO2 LIES … pure fear-mongering … should we blindly trust the experts?”

James Delingpole has more:

What has set it all off? One of the fathers of Germany’s modern green movement, Professor Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, a social democrat and green activist, decided to author a climate science skeptical book together with geologist/paleontologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning. Vahrenholt’s skepticism started when he was asked to review an IPCC report on renewable energy. He found hundreds of errors. When he pointed them out, IPCC officials simply brushed them aside. Stunned, he asked himself, “Is this the way they approached the climate assessment reports?”

Vahrenholt decided to do some digging. His colleague Dr. Lüning also gave him a copy of Andrew Montford’s The Hockey Stick Illusion. He was horrified by the sloppiness and deception he found. Persuaded by Hoffmann & Campe, he and Lüning decided to write the book. Die kalte Sonne cites 800 sources and has over 80 charts and figures. It examines and summarizes the latest science.

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