Friday, March 2, 2012

A strange UFO tale from under The Sea

Whilst many people have heard of UFOs not many know that The Sea has its own mysterious craft and The US Navy has had many incidents that have never been explained. Most of The Earths surface is Water so it would be an excellent cover for Bases especially deep in the unexplored parts of our Oceans.
This story takes place in the waters off Puerto Rico in March 1963.
During War Games maneuvers...

One of the most significant cases reported by Sanderson is the oft-repeated incident involving a U.S. carrier group involved in the "Springboard" military exercises in the waters off Puerto Rico in March 1963. The Cuban Missile Crisis had occurred only a few months earlier and the Cold War between the superpowers was at its peak, so the need to prepare for a future "battle of the Atlantic" was paramount. At least four submarines equipped with the latest electronics of the time formed part of the exercises (including the SSN-585 Skipjack); in the skies overhead, Grumman S-2 antisubmarine aircraft practiced shadowing and detecting the "enemy".

But something unusual occurred: one of the subs broke away from the exercise to pursue what it considered to be "an unknown object." The fleet was unsure if the object was a decoy meant to form part of the exercise or not, but there was clearly something strange about it--the alleged decoy was moving at the unheard-of speed of 150 knots an hour. At the time, the maximum velocity for a submersible stood at 45 knots.
Communications were hindered by the fact that each of the warships was trying to advise the command ship--the carrier Wasp (CVN-18)--of the strange event. Thirteen captains would enter the incident in their ships' logs.

Sanderson notes that the technicians aboard the vessels informed COMLANT that the object not only traveled at the aforementioned speed but that it was also propelled by a single screw. Was this the real-life counterpart of Jules Verne's Nautilus?

The intruder made its presence felt for four long days, plunging to tremendous depths (27,000 feet); despite the Navy's best efforts in ascertaining its identity, the strange object vanished after 96 hours and was never seen again...



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